Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kind of crazy here....

Well sorry it has been so long, it has been kind of crazy around here.    We have been dealing with being out of work because of the rain, although I am loving the cooler weather.   Had a sick kiddo.  I guess just a bunch of life stuff.  But here are some pictures i have taken along the way... with my cell phone as my camera got thrown, so guess i need to put that on my Christmas list.

My scrapbook page from when we went to Seattle.

just being goofy..        

New used van, as our transmission went out on our other one....

A quilt I am making for my aunt.

Joe just being silly and trying on outfits for Halloween as he will want to be 50 things before then.

Jacob showing his 2 lost teeth that he lost one, one night and the next the next night.  We were keeping the tooth fairy busy:).

Look what I found in moms closet.

Well these are just some of the new ones on my phone that I have taken.  Kind of sucks not having my camera.