Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving....... Hope you all have a great one.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

should have named my blog kind of crazy here....

Well I should have as it is always carzy here.  Joe is going on a second week of being I guess you could say all out of sorts.  I am going crazy,  and why is it that when that happens people what you to call certin people and see if they will come and help you with ways to handle his behavior.  Have I not been trying to do that all along, sorry nice gesture but does not help.   Anyway the other lady that comes and helps (Family Outreach)  said she thinks it is this time of year, the weather, and the time change, and you know I agree.  The holidays don't help either and there are 3 big ones this time of year, one right after the other.  I love the holidays but they really are hard.  I am stuck in a rut also and do not want to do anything.  ugh is all I can say.  Well I guess that is my big rant for the day.  Other then that all is good.
Day 5-  Thankful for all my friends near and far.
Day 6- Thankful for all the good blogs out there.  They are fun to read....
Day 7-  Thankful for the warmth of our house.
Day 8 -   That God is the foundation of it all....
Day 9-  That we have all been pretty healthy so far.
Day 10-  That my husband has a job so I can stay home.

She loves her brother..

having fun.

where is Joe???

Friday, November 4, 2011


Here are some pictures form out Halloween.

The Mad Hatter


The butterfly

Love it....

The army guy and vampire

Love this one too.

We had a good Halloween and the kids are enjoying there candy.  Maddie thought it was pretty neat as this was the first one she really understood.    Well I am excited about the holidays love this time of year.  It is also a good time to remember all the things you are thankful for so here goes. 
Day 1:  That Joe is home and not in the hospital.
Day 2:   My mom and dad
Day 3:  My husband
Day 4:   My kids

Well there is a start as I see a lot of people doing 30 days of gratefulness and I am going to join in..   Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kind of crazy here....

Well sorry it has been so long, it has been kind of crazy around here.    We have been dealing with being out of work because of the rain, although I am loving the cooler weather.   Had a sick kiddo.  I guess just a bunch of life stuff.  But here are some pictures i have taken along the way... with my cell phone as my camera got thrown, so guess i need to put that on my Christmas list.

My scrapbook page from when we went to Seattle.

just being goofy..        

New used van, as our transmission went out on our other one....

A quilt I am making for my aunt.

Joe just being silly and trying on outfits for Halloween as he will want to be 50 things before then.

Jacob showing his 2 lost teeth that he lost one, one night and the next the next night.  We were keeping the tooth fairy busy:).

Look what I found in moms closet.

Well these are just some of the new ones on my phone that I have taken.  Kind of sucks not having my camera. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Well the other day I went to the store and there it was egg nog (yummy).  Then there it was pumpkin spice, gingerbread, and sugar cookie coffee creamer.  Well those are a couple of my favorite things.  Although it is still warm outside there is a bit of a chill to the air and I love it. Thought summer was great but I really like the cooler weather.  Hope fall hangs around for awhile as not a fan of all the snow either.  So happy fall ya all.....


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some pictures...

Joe's first pumpkin of the season.  It is a cat one.  Pretty good hu?

Joe being Joe...

Kind of blurry, but I still like it.  My volleyball star...

He is using his trucks as skates :).

I like my new bathrobe can you tell??

Friday, September 16, 2011


It is quite in my house this morning just the ticking of the clock and you can bet I am enjoying it, reading all the blogs that I am addicted to reading.  Jordyn and Jacob are off to school, and Joe and Maddie are still sleeping.   I also like the noise but after two weeks of watching Rio (cute movie) over and over and over from the time Joe wakes up it is nice to have a bit of quite.  Lately he has started to do that watch movies over and over for weeks it is a bit odd.  My hubby and I were thinking maybe it is relaxing to him or something.  I wish I knew what he was thinking sometimes or how he was feeling would help.  When you ask him he is always telling you he is good or fine and sometimes you know he is not.  Makes you a little sad.  He made his first pumpkin picture of many more to come and he said it was a kitty one.  Well was going to upload some pictures but it is not working so will come back later.  The kids are awake now :).  Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Not sure what to write about.  So my week has been a little crazy and it is only Wednesday :).  Well all the smoke is making everyone a bit off anyways, but it is hard on Joe breathing wise and attitude because when he does not feel well his attitude goes out the window.  He was spraying the hose in the house yesterday as he thinks that is funny, me not so much.  Got a call from the school that Jacob was hit in the back and in pain.  So of course I went and got him and made Dr apt for later that day just to make sure he was alright.  He got hit in the lower back with someones knee, then hit in the stomach with a ball and someones hand and as if that were not enough Joe (the one that is not himself right now) threw a smurf ( the ones from McDonald's)  and hit him in the head right by his eye.  Poor guy :( .  Well he is OK just sore.   He crashed out pretty early yesterday.   I also have not been getting dinner done till later and it is making me crazy, just so much going on.  My van will not shift, so I have to drive it 15  mph and that is no fun.  Just glad I live in this little town.  Well today is going a bit better so far except Joe is still not feeling up to par he has a lot of phlegm coming up and that always bothers me.   Of course he does not sleep great either.  Last night I checked his levels and his oxygen was 54 and his heart rate was 107 but that is what it is like every night.  His oxygen is a little low for him today too at about 80-79, usually it is 85.  Well guess I did have stuff to say.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.... Hugs

I just love this we are getting ready to go out of town.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It is when we had to take Joe back for a check up in Billings after his ordeal. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I think it is just funny when my kids ask me where there toys are and they are serious.  They are totally serious too.  Like I was really playing with the toy to know where it is.  Some times however I do know where the toy just happens to be as I have made a mental note in my head.  It is just cute though how serious they really are.  :)

She was trying to be like big brother...

Well hope you are all having a good day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


School started on Tuesday.  My two middle children are attending school.  Jordyn is in the 6th grade and Jacob is in the 2nd grade.  They were both happy to return for different reasons of course.  Jordyn-To see her friends.  Jacob-To smell the wood chips on the playground:). 

Jordyn-  Growing way too fast!!!

Jacob-  He likes to pose!!!

Joe I would like him to go to school for an hour one day a week to get use to it again but I think I am just dreaming.  I know I am not going to fight him to go, so if he doesn't go I guess someone will have to come here and work with him and I will work with him also.   Maddie of course is just loving getting into every thing and she cried yesterday when the kids left for school. :(  Well hope they all have a good school year.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

14 years ago I became a mom!

Wow does time fly!  Sorry so late with posting I just start reading other blogs and forget about my own.  Well on the 24th we had a 14th birthday for Joseph:

This year was better then last year as were sitting in a hospital watching you sleep. So we are blessed to be able to celebrate at home.  I got him a bee towel that he wanted and as you can see he is very happy with it.

I can not believe it has been 14 years where has all the time gone.  In some ways he still seems so young and in other ways he seems to grown up.  Loves his batman shirt papa picked out for him. 

Just love this picture. He got stick on mustaches from grandma.  Love the look on his face.

Time for blowing out the candles and then cake, both the best part.

Happy 14th Birthday Joseph, Mom loves you......

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tired and venting...

Sorry has been awhile.  Yesterday I was sick, so this morning I must have needed extra sleep as I get none because everyone in my house thinks they do not need to go to sleep at night.  Well usually I wake up with Joe at 7:00 as he has been challenging for awhile and you just never know.  Well I got woke up by my mom hollering at me and she was bringing Joe home as he took off down the hill and was all the way to the main road when she caught up to him.  He was going to get a Dr pepper with no money, in his snow boots, a jacket, and his underwear.  I did not hear him get up at all.  I just wish I knew what the heck I am suppose to do,  he is either having a reaction to his antibiotic, sick, the heat, or a reaction to the upped does on his other med and it very well could be them all.  We all have had to watch Tale Spin for the whole week if we change it or turn it off watch out.  It is just been kind of a crazy week.  Hopefully I can get some sleep... :)  Well I will leave you with some cute pictures I took at the doctors office.   

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


That is how I feel.  The end of last week Joe threw a wii remote at our 52 inch TV and no picture just a crack underneath the screen.  :(.  The positive at least it was something replaceable.  The summer is really flying by.  School starts September 6th.  I feel like I have not really got to spend time with the kids... The positive at least there will be no more fighting.  Jacob had a breakdown yesterday.  He is taking meds for ADHD and it is making him angry, agitated, and more emotional.  Do not ask him to clean his room, what was I thinking.  Meds are so fun....  Finally starting to get caught up on laundry and house cleaning.  It is crazy if you miss a couple days how backed up you can get.

Now today we are off to the Dr.  as Joe has a bed sore he got while in the hospital last summer and it has never gone away and he ran and sat on it hard and has been complaining of hurting.  So hope he does alright with that.  Hope you are all having a wonderful week. Hugs

Love that face!

Pretty creative....
Getting ready for the parade...

Monday, August 1, 2011

I am back

I have had family here for the last nine days.  It was great to see everyone.  I sure do miss them already.  The kids were pretty good too, so that is always a nice thing.  Joe did alright also, not to many meltdowns.  I always get a lot of anxiety and so I start cleaning it is crazy. I will try and post some pictures later. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer is flying by.

I can not believe how fast it has gone.  I am not ready for it to be time for school again and getting up early every morning.  So far it has been a pretty good summer.  Not to hot so that is good.  Seems like we have been pretty busy.  We have some family coming in for a while, and I am excited to see them. It should be fun.   I am just really thankful that we are at home and all together instead of sitting in the hospital and not that close to home.  I have my first follower so that is another thing I am thankful for.  Thank you Sue.  Well I hope you all have a good day.  Hugs. 
Just being cute!
Sisterly love.
Just being Joe.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My oldest needs to get use to wearing a CPAP at night to help with his breathing and it is not going that great.  He is very stubborn if any of you have any ideas that would be great.  Not really sure who I am talking to or if any one is even reading this but I will just keep writing. 
Mr. Stubborn!!!!!
Well hope you all have a wonderful day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It is a nice rainy day.

I always thought I liked it when it was nice and warm out, but now I prefer the cooler weather.  Never thought I would say that.  The weather however does change Joe's behavior he can not stand the heat.  So that is why I would rather the cooler weather.  I heard on the news that the next two days are going to be in the 90's.  I am already dreading it. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


We have sleep issues around here.  First of all We have had Maddie and Joe in our room for over a year.  Maddie because of being a baby and Joe because of his breathing issues, I just felt better and he insisted very set in his ways.  Then the other two sleep in the room next to ours that is upstairs, as there rooms are downstairs.  So we got a new bed for Joe on Monday so his head could be elevated.  The pillows were not working.  So that was a lot of stuff in our room and no room, so we moved him and Maddie to the room next to ours where the other two sleep and the first night went alright.  Maddie does not seem to mind it at all which is no surprise she is such a good girl.  Joe on the other hand hates being away from mom.  So the second night was up till 3, sitting there on my floor where I made him a bed.  So then on the third night they were all in our room can I say crowded.  So the question I have is do any of you have any suggestions how to get kids out of your room.   I am all ears and would love to hear it all. :)  Here are some more pictures.

On vacation!

Just being cute!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just starting

I read blogs everyday and I thought it would be fun to try, so here I am.  I am a stay at home mom.  I like to do crafts with my kids, so they don't watch TV all day long.  We live in a small town so there is not a lot to do. 

Having fun making hats.

We have been through a lot in the last year.  My son has to be sedated to have dental stuff done as he could not do it other wise.  Any ways last summer he was having it done and ended up aspirating and ended up in the PICU for 2 months on a ventilator.  With a lot of prayer he made it, but still has a lot of issues so it has been hard.  His oxygen level is low and when he gets sick we end up in the hospital a lot as a result of his breathing.  We are all still dealing with that and whatever life throws our way.

Just being silly!

So I guess we will see how this goes.