Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Grey kind of day...

Well it is Grey and dreary out today but that is alright, as it makes you feel like relaxing more.  Which is totally what I want to do.  I am going to try and finish my rug and then attempt to make something else.  I would also like to get some pictures printed so I can scrapbook as have been needing to do that for quite awhile I am getting way behind.  Here are some pictures of yesterday and the weekend as it was a bit nicer but really windy yesterday.

Our Mountains

Having fun riding his bike:)

Swinging together..

To busy playing games on my computer to look at me :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hiding Things...

Well this morning,  my fun loving son that likes to get into everything and try it all out several times.  Well he pumped out a bunch of lotion all over the counter, on the fridge (tried to clean it up with at least 10 baby wipes all at once :)) , and in the process took something off the counter and hid it from me.  So hear I am asking him where it is and  all and he is painting.  Well after listening to me for a while and getting mad at me, he gets up walks over to the stove takes the drawer out and says hear.  He knew where it was all along and just waited for me to rant and him to get mad.  Gotta Love the little things like this as it is just God testing me and I need to remember that... :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Still snowing in these parts

Well we are still getting snow in Montana, so we are not enjoying some of the nicer weather I have been reading about on other Blogs out there.  Yesterday was nice and you did not have to wear a coat and look what we woke up to today:

It is still snowing out as I am writing so it will probably be a winter wonderland here in the Mountains.  My daughter is at a Band Festival and I hope the roads stay good.    Well I hope where ever you are you are enjoying your weather.  I am however ready for it to be nice but it does look pretty neat out. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sorry I have been missing but I am back!

    I know I have been gone for awhile, just have felt like doing nothing.  My laptop also had to be scent to the doctor as it got water spilled on it... That was hard being without it as had to use the older slower computer, oh how grateful I am for mine.  But I did however find something useful to fill my time, I made a rug, my first circle one.   I have pictures of it so I will show you but I have also torn it out a couple times as it would not lay flat and it was bugging me, so I have a big huge yarn ball.  I am in the process of putting it back together. 


More progress...

Finished but does not lay flat....

Took a lot out...

The kids love the big yarn ball.

So now when I finish it again I will post more pictures of it as it has been fun, loving to see how all the colors come together.  I have also found Pinterest now that is a lot of fun.   You can go and check my boards out here.  I love all the craft stuff.  I am also loving reading all my favorite blogs and finding more, there is a lot out there. 

We Jordyn and I also got to start going to scrapbook class again.  The lady decide to do it herself and I am so excited, I had been missing it and it is something fun for Jordyn and I to do.  We went to our first one and it was nice to see everyone.  I wish there was more stuff like that to do here. 

We are also going to be starting Joe up in swimming lessons, private ones, as he does love the water.  However he is not sure he wants to go.  I however think it will be good for him and his bones as he gets sore a lot.  ( Wish I knew what was going on there as it is hard to get him to go to the Dr. as I do not balm him considering)    He is just so stubborn so I hope he has a lot of fun as he hardly does anything as he never wants to leave the house.  I try to get him to do stuff everyday crafty things but like I said he is stubborn.  So right now am at a stand still, not sure what to do as I am not a great homeschooling.  Wish he would go to school, but do not think he will ever go there again.  Sorry Joe is a subject I can talk about forever. 

Jacob is having a rough time.  He has ADHD and depression.  So we are trying to find the right meds for that and let me say I HATE IT....  I was thinking it would be easier then when Joe was going through all the meds as Jacob can talk and tell me how he feels but no he just gets frustrated at me for asking.  So right now I hate it...   Jacob has a really hard time getting along with Joe.   It is sad for both of them.

Jordyn is doing good.  Maddie is also doing good.  So that is good two out of four ain't bad :).    Well now that I have rambled on about everything I will go..... But here are some more pictures of the kids....

She loves her bike...

Just enjoying being outside on the one nice day we had.

Jordyn riding her bike.

Not sure what he has but he is happy :)