Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, hope you all have a wonderful day filled with family and friends.

 This is what I have been working on.  Lots of fun and love making them the monkey one is a Christmas present. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

School Yes It Did Happen!

Well School happened again no matter how many times I tried to will it not too....  We are at the end of our First week and it is going to be hard.  Jacob is in the 4th grade and they have lots of rules and homework every night except for Wednesday.  So not going to work, he already was up till 10:00 trying to finish it.. headaches are on the horizon... Jordyn seems fine so far so that is good.  So here are the school pictures....

Jordyn first day of 8th grade.

Jacobs first day of 4th grade.

Now lets see how they have changed.

This year
Last year

Oh how they have grown up and way to fast for me.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I love to crochet.  I wish I could do it all the time, but I try to spilt my craft time to a bunch of different things.  Love looking at other peoples crochet stuff on pintrest and other blogs.  Here are a couple of things I have done.

Rugs I made, was suppose to be a big round one but did not work out.

My pile of granny squares. 

Another rug.  Love them.

A round rug for Jacob.

Owl hats, this one is mine.  Got the pattern form here.



A baby prop I made for a friend.

My moms hat not sure where the pattern is from got it from pintrest. 


My granny strip.   Pattern from

A round rug I am working on.

Granny square and glitter polish can't beat that.

I love to work on them all sometimes I get board and so it takes awhile, I made quite a few granny squares and my Joe boy took the apart he liked to flip them in the air.  Hope you have enjoyed some of my crochet projects. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Life Happens

Sorry have been gone, but life happens.  With that I always want to have a nice summer well at the beginning of the summer we got some bad news and deal with it every day.  My son's lungs will never be the same and his airway is messed up, his heart works really hard, his high oxygen is in the 70s,  and in the scheme of things we were told that there is nothing that can be done, he can't be put to sleep as he would never come off of a ventilator so he cant have surgery for anything.  We get to do a DNR (does not sound fun to me)  We get to meet hospice (not ready for that yet).  I am at a little better place if  I do not think about it to much which is hard.  Three years ago we were told he had 7- 10 years, and now it is way less.  At the beginning of the summer he was really bad he slept most of the time, getting in his pool (which) he loves wore him out bad, he did not want to eat at all and he is also over weight, but when you don't eat and you don't lose weight ( which he did for 3 weeks)  you know something is not right.  So we put him on Lasix to get rid of the water weight and that has been wonderful like I said his oxygen was in the 70s normally and now it is in the low 80s.  At night of course it is still low at night and I try to get him to wear his oxygen, but he does not like it. Oh and telling the other kids that there brother was not going to be around long that was HARD. We never did tell Joseph as I am sure he would not understand it well.  I just want him to be happy.  Joseph will be turning 16 this August so of course we have been trying to do things that he likes.  He loves going to the motel and we have went twice now, he likes to swim, pizza, and watch movies.  If he could live at a motel he would.  He also I am thinking he twisted his knee ( at least I hope)  and so he has been hobbling on that for this will be the fourth week.  Now we finally got our forest fire that is 16 miles away from us and so the air is smoke filled, so am also trying to keep him indoors which is going to be hard.  Then add all the other kid activity, camps, relatives, holidays, birthdays, it has been pretty busy... Well I am going to see if I can find some pictures to leave you with.

Joe the first time in his pool!

Jacob and Maddie

Jordyn shopping at the mall for her birthday!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Snow again...

Well this is what we woke up to today, which is nice because it looks neat and we need it, but I am ready for some nice weather...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not very good at this...

Wow I am not very good at updating.  It is always so busy here.  School is almost out, May 31st is the last day.  I am actually happy.  It is always nice to have them go and then it is also good to have them home for a couple months and not worry about getting up early to get them ready.  Plus they are ready also.  Then we have been doing all the Dr. appointments, eyes, pediatrician, dentist, blood work, heart Dr, and a visit with the lung Dr. and pediatrician to talk.  We are still working on some two of my kids are probably need braces, one needs more work on there teeth and one needs to go still one is going to join the 4 of us that wear glasses, one still has to go to the heart Dr. Then we are still waiting on a visit to be scheduled so we can go chat about stuff that I am not sure I want to talk about yet...  Joe has basically been sick since Christmas, he is better at the moment.  When he gets sick his oxygen get down in the 40-50 range and he should be in the hospital, but he does not like them at all.  So we have all the stuff at home.  His normal oxygen is low 80s high 70s, so he has chronic low oxygen.  He has not been able to ride his bike, or play on his trampoline.  It is sad, as he is overweight and needs exercise and he can not exert himself or he can't breath, so we got him a backpack that can carry a little oxygen tank and he could ride his bike and walk.  He has not tried it yet as this is the first week he has not been sick.  We keep trying though.  My first goal will be to get him to walk around the yard with me and then we will go from there.  In other news my baby Maddie 3, is potty trained now.  It is bittersweet, she is my last, so I was putting it off.  Well no more,  the first week she would not go, like you are taking my diaper and so I am not going to go, so the second week took her to my bathroom and said if you go pee I will give you some makeup and well every since then she goes, she goes when she has to, it is easier then I remember and waiting for it to stop it is not suppose to be this easy.  So we shall see.  We switched rooms around, everyone is happy for the moment.  I have been reading the Debbie Macomber  Cedar Cove Series, and I am happy to say it is going to be a TV series this summer.  Here are a couple pictures.

Us girls in the owl hats I made.

Love this....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Been awhile

Well it certainly has been awhile it just seems like it has just been crazy around here Christmas, every one sick, Joe got it and got real sick was on his oxygen for 4 days straight and did I mention he hates it, so for to keep it on you know he was really sick.  His oxygen was in the 60's.  Usually it is in the high 80's to the low 90's.  :( poor guy.  Well then of course the sickness that I was fighting since Christmas finally got me ugh.. Then there is the little bit of depression that runs around after the holidays.  Trying to keep myself busy crocheting stuff.  So now will try to keep writing.  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.  Here are some pictuers.

All dressed up, something she loves to do...

 Hot air balloon- that never happens here so was neat to see.

Christmas stuff....

My new Lego's for Christmas.

My new kindle I got for Christmas!
My Birthday!

Just a good picture of Joe.

The family minus Joe as he did not want to be in it...