Thursday, January 21, 2016

Just another Day

    Well it is a new day.  It is always nice to start over but sometimes new days hurt as you move forward with loss and sometimes it doesn't hurt as much.  Today it doesn't hurt as much at this exact moment, however as a lot of us know that changes all the time.

    Maddie is home sick:(.  She was sick last week so I kept her home and then they had a four day weekend and she went back on Monday and now she is worse.  Crazy.  I have not posted in a while as I just have not felt like it so here is a picture of Maddie before her first Christmas concert.  It was fun.  She is loving kindergarten and growing like a weed when she is well enough to go.  She also turned 6 in December.

Jacob is doing alright, he has his moments like we all do.  He is enjoying playing his x-box like always.   He does alright in school when he wants to.  He has not missed as many days as he did last year so that is wonderful and tells me he is liking it better this year.  Here is a picture of him before the Christmas concert.  He has gotten a lot taller this last year and he is almost as tall as his mom. 

Jordyn does not like school this year and never wants to go.  She is also working on getting her drivers license and I do not like that, however she is doing good so far.  Me on the other hand am not doing that great it is hard.  She is growing way too fast, I wish I could stop time but then it is also fun to experiment all the high school stuff with her.

I worked on a lot of hats this winter,  I love to crochet and it is relaxing also.  I love making my owl hats.   My hip went out just before Christmas so that slowed me down and wast able to finish all the ones that I wanted to make, I was one shy so I guess that was not too bad.  The holidays were really strange with out Joe,  I missed him greatly and just wanted the holidays to be over quickly.  With that though i am really glad my kids had an nice Christmas and i am glad we got to see family.  It was just strange.  

Well hope you are all enjoying your Thursday!