Monday, October 15, 2012

Just pictures..

Maddie giving me the look....

She dressed herself.

Joe made a Dr, Pepper costume....  very creative!

Just a black -n- white pic.

Jacob and his bike.

Being good on the road.


Showing off her outfit.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A bunch of stuff

   Well first of all started Joe on an anxiety medicine about a month ago, as we thought that would help him.  NO it made it a whole lot worse.  So then I remembered hearing that Joe had bipolar, never been diagnosed, but to some extent yes.  Well was the first time I thought to look it up and WOW a lot of the stuff is right on.  Big ones responding horrible to depression med( which is what the anxiety med was),  over the counter cold meds-which i have always said makes Joe really hyper, so I give him a natural one.    Different seasons affect them, and on and on... So that made me feel a little better.  Wish would have read a long time ago.  So then we decided to try a med that he was on before his ordeal with the dentist.  EXCEPT there is the wonderful side effect of making him hungry.  Ugh...... The other med messes with there heart and since he has issues in that area we have to make sure his heart would take it.  So we are doing a trial of the one that makes him hungry.  Here we go again....   Well it has been a little better, but he still has his moments.  God love him... 
    Next I started noticing that Jacob talks really loud, I know it has taken me a while to notice but it is noisy in our house.  So am going to take him to get his hearing checked... Just need to make appointment.
     Then Jordyn tells me she can not see very well, so need to take her to the eye Dr. Just need to make the appointment. 
     Then yesterday Joe was leaning over the couch and I noticed from across the room a bump on his lower right back side, and went over and touched it and yes there is a hard bump there, certainly hope it is nothing bad.  His pain tolerance is very high, so he never complains about anything.   But now need to make a Dr appointment for him.  So guess that means lots of Dr's.  GOD give me the strength. 
   On a good note I got my computer back, it was the hard drive that was bad, thanks to two boys throwing pillows and knocking a vase over on it... :)
   Think Maddie is getting sick :(.  Well hope you are all having a blessed day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School It Started.....

     Well it started and when it started my calender is full now.  This is the second week of school and volleyball practice.  Kind of crazy there is no getting use to it.  The kids are liking it though so that is good.  Jacob got in trouble one of the days last week, so he had to walk the fence, and it did not bother him.  I asked him why he got in trouble and he said: mom you know me chatterbox.  He likes to talk.  When he is playing by himself in his room it sounds like there is a bunch of kids in there.  :)   Jordyn has been doing Volleyball practice every day after school and so I have to try to go to the school two times to get the kids and Joe is being stubborn about leaving.  Makes it hard.  Her first game is this Saturday and it is a tournament.  Will be fun...

Jordyn- 7th grade, she is over in our High School oh my.....

Jacob My big 3rd grader....

Well we have also had three birthdays this summer.  First up was Jordyn turning 12 do they stop growing :(.   Cherry Cheese cake.  My favorite.

Then there was Jacob turning 8, oh my wasn't he just 2.    Tried to make a Lego cake, from one I seen on Pintrest (love it).


Then last but not least was Joe.  He turned 15, oh my where did the time go?  He was so excited it is fun to see. His was a monster cake another idea I seen on pintrest.  Jordyn made the face.  Turned out great.

So we had a pretty busy summer, we went on two vacations.   Had summer camps and a lot of birthdays.  Hope you all had a wonderful summer.  Now on with the school year.  I will leave you a picture of the youngest with no birthday in the summer thank heavens.  She is growing up fast too, would be nice to keep them little for a little bit.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I have always wanted to take a first day of school picture and a last day picture and compare all the changes, well I finaly got to do it today.  They were getting ready for summer camp and it hit me and I am Thankful that it did.

So they have changed and look older.. :( .  I guess that is what happens.  I am sure glad that I remembered to do that.  Kind of quite in the house without these two, as they will be gone during the day all week as the explore Montana.  They were both pretty excited also.  Hope they have lots of fun. 

We sure have been busy with Birthdays as both of theres is in June, one is on the 8th and the other is on the 23rd, and then of course there was Fathers day and my mom's birthday in between, so we have been staying busy so far this summer.  Hoping it slows down just a bit now. 

I think summer has finally hit in this part of the world it has been in the 80s the last two days.  We are getting our pools out and filled up.  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far. 



our homemade fire pit....

my new 3.00 car..

Just being cute.

Love this picture and I am enjoying instagram (momof4jmsnme).

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not long now...

      Well the kids counted the days of school they had left this morning leaving out the weekends it is 11 school days.  I think they are excited, me yes for some of the things, like of course sleeping in hopefully and lots more crafts.  Not so sure how Joe will handle the transition.  Having high hope as I always do,  thought I do think it will take him a bit to get use to them being here.  Maddie will however love it.  She loves to play with them.  They do have day camps for the summer through the school, so they are both excited about that.  They have meet Montana camp, Camp-out-camp ( which Jordyn is excited about as I am going to let her stay over night at the 2 that you can this year)  Oh my she is growing way too fast for me... :(.  Then there is Sports camp and neither of them want to go to that,  hmmm my kids don't like sports, then we have swimming lessons, and last but not least Fun-in-the-sun camp.  So they should stay pretty busy and oh how could I forget we are blessed to have not one but three summer birthdays.   I am sure it will fly by as it always does.  I am however feeling blessed we are home and not sitting in a NICU, and are feeling much better this summer then last.  Hopefully we can get the pool up and cleaned. Well I think I am just rambling so I will add so pictures to my rambles.

                                Having fun with instagram, love it....

Maddie just being cute...

Birdhouses Joe and Jordyn made...

Mom and Joe being silly!

My first flowers.



New Crayola crayons, oh how I love the smell...

Well hope you all have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Well  I am just going to post pictures about little bits and pieces of life since my last post. 

This is the round rug that I was making and could not make it lay flat as it got bigger so it turned into two rugs and I love them.

We were fixing up the playhouse on one of the nicer days we had. 

Just playing with my new iPhone (Love it)....

Working on my next project with yarn.  I am going to make an afghan.  So we will see how that one turns out.
I can not believe that school is almost out I am excited and then not.  Joe has a hard time adjusting to the other kids being here, so that may take a little bit.  But I am always thankful to have them all here with me doing all kinds of fun things, would like to spend a lot of time outside this summer.  We shall see.  Joe has been doing good the last couple of weeks and then yesterday he was having a harder time keeping it together and I believe he is getting sick and that is always so much fun.  So am hoping that is short lived.  Hope you are all having a wonderful day.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Grey kind of day...

Well it is Grey and dreary out today but that is alright, as it makes you feel like relaxing more.  Which is totally what I want to do.  I am going to try and finish my rug and then attempt to make something else.  I would also like to get some pictures printed so I can scrapbook as have been needing to do that for quite awhile I am getting way behind.  Here are some pictures of yesterday and the weekend as it was a bit nicer but really windy yesterday.

Our Mountains

Having fun riding his bike:)

Swinging together..

To busy playing games on my computer to look at me :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hiding Things...

Well this morning,  my fun loving son that likes to get into everything and try it all out several times.  Well he pumped out a bunch of lotion all over the counter, on the fridge (tried to clean it up with at least 10 baby wipes all at once :)) , and in the process took something off the counter and hid it from me.  So hear I am asking him where it is and  all and he is painting.  Well after listening to me for a while and getting mad at me, he gets up walks over to the stove takes the drawer out and says hear.  He knew where it was all along and just waited for me to rant and him to get mad.  Gotta Love the little things like this as it is just God testing me and I need to remember that... :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Still snowing in these parts

Well we are still getting snow in Montana, so we are not enjoying some of the nicer weather I have been reading about on other Blogs out there.  Yesterday was nice and you did not have to wear a coat and look what we woke up to today:

It is still snowing out as I am writing so it will probably be a winter wonderland here in the Mountains.  My daughter is at a Band Festival and I hope the roads stay good.    Well I hope where ever you are you are enjoying your weather.  I am however ready for it to be nice but it does look pretty neat out. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sorry I have been missing but I am back!

    I know I have been gone for awhile, just have felt like doing nothing.  My laptop also had to be scent to the doctor as it got water spilled on it... That was hard being without it as had to use the older slower computer, oh how grateful I am for mine.  But I did however find something useful to fill my time, I made a rug, my first circle one.   I have pictures of it so I will show you but I have also torn it out a couple times as it would not lay flat and it was bugging me, so I have a big huge yarn ball.  I am in the process of putting it back together. 


More progress...

Finished but does not lay flat....

Took a lot out...

The kids love the big yarn ball.

So now when I finish it again I will post more pictures of it as it has been fun, loving to see how all the colors come together.  I have also found Pinterest now that is a lot of fun.   You can go and check my boards out here.  I love all the craft stuff.  I am also loving reading all my favorite blogs and finding more, there is a lot out there. 

We Jordyn and I also got to start going to scrapbook class again.  The lady decide to do it herself and I am so excited, I had been missing it and it is something fun for Jordyn and I to do.  We went to our first one and it was nice to see everyone.  I wish there was more stuff like that to do here. 

We are also going to be starting Joe up in swimming lessons, private ones, as he does love the water.  However he is not sure he wants to go.  I however think it will be good for him and his bones as he gets sore a lot.  ( Wish I knew what was going on there as it is hard to get him to go to the Dr. as I do not balm him considering)    He is just so stubborn so I hope he has a lot of fun as he hardly does anything as he never wants to leave the house.  I try to get him to do stuff everyday crafty things but like I said he is stubborn.  So right now am at a stand still, not sure what to do as I am not a great homeschooling.  Wish he would go to school, but do not think he will ever go there again.  Sorry Joe is a subject I can talk about forever. 

Jacob is having a rough time.  He has ADHD and depression.  So we are trying to find the right meds for that and let me say I HATE IT....  I was thinking it would be easier then when Joe was going through all the meds as Jacob can talk and tell me how he feels but no he just gets frustrated at me for asking.  So right now I hate it...   Jacob has a really hard time getting along with Joe.   It is sad for both of them.

Jordyn is doing good.  Maddie is also doing good.  So that is good two out of four ain't bad :).    Well now that I have rambled on about everything I will go..... But here are some more pictures of the kids....

She loves her bike...

Just enjoying being outside on the one nice day we had.

Jordyn riding her bike.

Not sure what he has but he is happy :)