Thursday, November 10, 2011

should have named my blog kind of crazy here....

Well I should have as it is always carzy here.  Joe is going on a second week of being I guess you could say all out of sorts.  I am going crazy,  and why is it that when that happens people what you to call certin people and see if they will come and help you with ways to handle his behavior.  Have I not been trying to do that all along, sorry nice gesture but does not help.   Anyway the other lady that comes and helps (Family Outreach)  said she thinks it is this time of year, the weather, and the time change, and you know I agree.  The holidays don't help either and there are 3 big ones this time of year, one right after the other.  I love the holidays but they really are hard.  I am stuck in a rut also and do not want to do anything.  ugh is all I can say.  Well I guess that is my big rant for the day.  Other then that all is good.
Day 5-  Thankful for all my friends near and far.
Day 6- Thankful for all the good blogs out there.  They are fun to read....
Day 7-  Thankful for the warmth of our house.
Day 8 -   That God is the foundation of it all....
Day 9-  That we have all been pretty healthy so far.
Day 10-  That my husband has a job so I can stay home.

She loves her brother..

having fun.

where is Joe???

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  1. Hang in there!!! Hopefully things will calm down for the holidays!