Monday, June 25, 2012


I have always wanted to take a first day of school picture and a last day picture and compare all the changes, well I finaly got to do it today.  They were getting ready for summer camp and it hit me and I am Thankful that it did.

So they have changed and look older.. :( .  I guess that is what happens.  I am sure glad that I remembered to do that.  Kind of quite in the house without these two, as they will be gone during the day all week as the explore Montana.  They were both pretty excited also.  Hope they have lots of fun. 

We sure have been busy with Birthdays as both of theres is in June, one is on the 8th and the other is on the 23rd, and then of course there was Fathers day and my mom's birthday in between, so we have been staying busy so far this summer.  Hoping it slows down just a bit now. 

I think summer has finally hit in this part of the world it has been in the 80s the last two days.  We are getting our pools out and filled up.  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far. 



our homemade fire pit....

my new 3.00 car..

Just being cute.

Love this picture and I am enjoying instagram (momof4jmsnme).

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