Thursday, July 14, 2011


We have sleep issues around here.  First of all We have had Maddie and Joe in our room for over a year.  Maddie because of being a baby and Joe because of his breathing issues, I just felt better and he insisted very set in his ways.  Then the other two sleep in the room next to ours that is upstairs, as there rooms are downstairs.  So we got a new bed for Joe on Monday so his head could be elevated.  The pillows were not working.  So that was a lot of stuff in our room and no room, so we moved him and Maddie to the room next to ours where the other two sleep and the first night went alright.  Maddie does not seem to mind it at all which is no surprise she is such a good girl.  Joe on the other hand hates being away from mom.  So the second night was up till 3, sitting there on my floor where I made him a bed.  So then on the third night they were all in our room can I say crowded.  So the question I have is do any of you have any suggestions how to get kids out of your room.   I am all ears and would love to hear it all. :)  Here are some more pictures.

On vacation!

Just being cute!

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