Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tired and venting...

Sorry has been awhile.  Yesterday I was sick, so this morning I must have needed extra sleep as I get none because everyone in my house thinks they do not need to go to sleep at night.  Well usually I wake up with Joe at 7:00 as he has been challenging for awhile and you just never know.  Well I got woke up by my mom hollering at me and she was bringing Joe home as he took off down the hill and was all the way to the main road when she caught up to him.  He was going to get a Dr pepper with no money, in his snow boots, a jacket, and his underwear.  I did not hear him get up at all.  I just wish I knew what the heck I am suppose to do,  he is either having a reaction to his antibiotic, sick, the heat, or a reaction to the upped does on his other med and it very well could be them all.  We all have had to watch Tale Spin for the whole week if we change it or turn it off watch out.  It is just been kind of a crazy week.  Hopefully I can get some sleep... :)  Well I will leave you with some cute pictures I took at the doctors office.   

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