Sunday, February 3, 2013

Been awhile

Well it certainly has been awhile it just seems like it has just been crazy around here Christmas, every one sick, Joe got it and got real sick was on his oxygen for 4 days straight and did I mention he hates it, so for to keep it on you know he was really sick.  His oxygen was in the 60's.  Usually it is in the high 80's to the low 90's.  :( poor guy.  Well then of course the sickness that I was fighting since Christmas finally got me ugh.. Then there is the little bit of depression that runs around after the holidays.  Trying to keep myself busy crocheting stuff.  So now will try to keep writing.  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.  Here are some pictuers.

All dressed up, something she loves to do...

 Hot air balloon- that never happens here so was neat to see.

Christmas stuff....

My new Lego's for Christmas.

My new kindle I got for Christmas!
My Birthday!

Just a good picture of Joe.

The family minus Joe as he did not want to be in it...

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