Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Not very good at this...

Wow I am not very good at updating.  It is always so busy here.  School is almost out, May 31st is the last day.  I am actually happy.  It is always nice to have them go and then it is also good to have them home for a couple months and not worry about getting up early to get them ready.  Plus they are ready also.  Then we have been doing all the Dr. appointments, eyes, pediatrician, dentist, blood work, heart Dr, and a visit with the lung Dr. and pediatrician to talk.  We are still working on some two of my kids are probably need braces, one needs more work on there teeth and one needs to go still one is going to join the 4 of us that wear glasses, one still has to go to the heart Dr. Then we are still waiting on a visit to be scheduled so we can go chat about stuff that I am not sure I want to talk about yet...  Joe has basically been sick since Christmas, he is better at the moment.  When he gets sick his oxygen get down in the 40-50 range and he should be in the hospital, but he does not like them at all.  So we have all the stuff at home.  His normal oxygen is low 80s high 70s, so he has chronic low oxygen.  He has not been able to ride his bike, or play on his trampoline.  It is sad, as he is overweight and needs exercise and he can not exert himself or he can't breath, so we got him a backpack that can carry a little oxygen tank and he could ride his bike and walk.  He has not tried it yet as this is the first week he has not been sick.  We keep trying though.  My first goal will be to get him to walk around the yard with me and then we will go from there.  In other news my baby Maddie 3, is potty trained now.  It is bittersweet, she is my last, so I was putting it off.  Well no more,  the first week she would not go, like you are taking my diaper and so I am not going to go, so the second week took her to my bathroom and said if you go pee I will give you some makeup and well every since then she goes, she goes when she has to, it is easier then I remember and waiting for it to stop it is not suppose to be this easy.  So we shall see.  We switched rooms around, everyone is happy for the moment.  I have been reading the Debbie Macomber  Cedar Cove Series, and I am happy to say it is going to be a TV series this summer.  Here are a couple pictures.

Us girls in the owl hats I made.

Love this....

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