Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Not sure what to write about.  So my week has been a little crazy and it is only Wednesday :).  Well all the smoke is making everyone a bit off anyways, but it is hard on Joe breathing wise and attitude because when he does not feel well his attitude goes out the window.  He was spraying the hose in the house yesterday as he thinks that is funny, me not so much.  Got a call from the school that Jacob was hit in the back and in pain.  So of course I went and got him and made Dr apt for later that day just to make sure he was alright.  He got hit in the lower back with someones knee, then hit in the stomach with a ball and someones hand and as if that were not enough Joe (the one that is not himself right now) threw a smurf ( the ones from McDonald's)  and hit him in the head right by his eye.  Poor guy :( .  Well he is OK just sore.   He crashed out pretty early yesterday.   I also have not been getting dinner done till later and it is making me crazy, just so much going on.  My van will not shift, so I have to drive it 15  mph and that is no fun.  Just glad I live in this little town.  Well today is going a bit better so far except Joe is still not feeling up to par he has a lot of phlegm coming up and that always bothers me.   Of course he does not sleep great either.  Last night I checked his levels and his oxygen was 54 and his heart rate was 107 but that is what it is like every night.  His oxygen is a little low for him today too at about 80-79, usually it is 85.  Well guess I did have stuff to say.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.... Hugs

I just love this we are getting ready to go out of town.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It is when we had to take Joe back for a check up in Billings after his ordeal. 


  1. Heidi,am I reading that nighttime oxygen level correctly, 54? Is that possible? We were told brain injury begins with anything lower than 70. Is he on oxygen?

  2. Sue yes you are reading it right. Every night it is like that and his heart is working so hard to keep up it is most always in the 100's. He is so stubbern as I am sure you know, so he wont were the oxygen so I put it right by him so the air he is breathing has extra oxygen. We have also struggled with trying to get him to wear a CPAP, will not do it. I wait till he is asleep and try and he wakes right up. Looking into a sleep apnea pill form would be nice. If you have any ideas I am all ears and willing to try anything a couple times ;). Thank you for reading my blog. Love yours and I am very glad your son is alright how scarry, it is times like that you know God is watching. Hugs