Wednesday, September 7, 2011


School started on Tuesday.  My two middle children are attending school.  Jordyn is in the 6th grade and Jacob is in the 2nd grade.  They were both happy to return for different reasons of course.  Jordyn-To see her friends.  Jacob-To smell the wood chips on the playground:). 

Jordyn-  Growing way too fast!!!

Jacob-  He likes to pose!!!

Joe I would like him to go to school for an hour one day a week to get use to it again but I think I am just dreaming.  I know I am not going to fight him to go, so if he doesn't go I guess someone will have to come here and work with him and I will work with him also.   Maddie of course is just loving getting into every thing and she cried yesterday when the kids left for school. :(  Well hope they all have a good school year.

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